The 26th Energy Managers Workshop was held on Tuesday, June 12, 2018!

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2018 Final Program


2018 Final Program


Tuesday, June 12 – Energy Managers Workshop

8:00am – 5:00pm Learn the strategies that all energy managers must know about NOW and learn how successful managers have applied what they have learned. Managers, who are doing just that, will be the instructors. Confirmed topics and speakers are:
    • • A Step by Step Method for Energy Analysis of Industrial Processes, Mike Stowe, Advanced Technologies.
    • • Zero to Ten in Under Twelve Months, Thomas R. Theising, Sustainable Energy Solutions, LLC.
    • • Partnerships Enhance Energy Efficiency Efforts, Sharon Nolen, Eastman Chemical Company.
    • • Which Energy Management Standard is Best for Your Company, Dave Arkell, 360 Energy.
    • • Energy Assessments and Treasure Hunts – Tricks of the Trade, Walt Brockway, Brockway Consulting and Dr. Glenn Cunningham, Cunningham Engineering.
    • • Efficiency 2.0: Energy Technologies, Markets and Policies for the New Tomorrow, R. Neal Elliott, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy.
    • • Some Basic Conservation Recommendations from the Industrial Assessment Center at Texas A&M University, James Eggebrecht, Texas A&M University Industrial Assessment Center.
    • • Energy Optimization Projects: Identification and Implementation, Jimmy Kumana, Kumana & Associates.
    • • Empowering Industrial Energy Efficiency: DOE Partnership Programs, Robert Bruce Lung, US DOE.

Wednesday, June 13 – Day One of Conference

Session 1

Enterprise Energy Optimization through Smart Manufacturing (Panel Discussion)

9:15am – 11:50am      
  • • “Speakers chosen by Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII)

Session 2

Combined Heat & Power

9:15am – 11:50am
  • • “Overview of DOE CHP Program Activities, Tarla Toomer, U. S. Department of Energy.
  • • “Combined Heat and Power as a Facility Resiliency Option,” Gavin Dillingham, South Central CHP TAP and Isaac Panzarella, Southeast CHP TAP.
  • • “Efficiency and Profitability Improvement of a Cogeneration Plant Using Advanced Controls,” Benoit Janvier, Enero Solutions Inc.

Session 3

Renewables & New Technologies

9:15am – 11:50am
    • • “Ready for Action: A Partnership of Energy and Wastewater Utilities,” Leila Saber Gaughran, DNV GL Energy Services.
    • • “Unlocking the Value of Behind the Meter Energy Storage,” Doug Staker, EnerNoc.
    • • “Confidence in Energy and Renewable Investment – A Portfolio Approach to Decision Making,” Daniel Weeden, Edison Energy.
    • • “Offsite Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreements – How to Make Sustainability Goals a Valuable Financial Decision,” Charlie Daum, Edison Energy.

Session 4

Water & Energy Issues

9:15am – 11:50am
  • • “Case Studies on Energy Efficiency at Waste Water Treatment Plants,” Mike Stowe, Advanced Energy.
  • • “Energy for Clean Water – A Review of Energy Savings Opportunities in Desalinization and Manufacturing,” Joe Cresko, U.S. Department of Energy, Sachim Nimbalkar, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Prakash Rao, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Sabine Brueske, Energetics.
  • • “Technical Challenges, Practical Solutions, and Scientific Findings from Energy Performance Analysis for 24 Wastewater Plants.” Wei Guo, Tom Wenning, Kiram Thirumaran and Sachin Nimbalkar, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
  • • “Saving Water – The Most Energy-Intensive Utility,” R. Neal Elliott, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy.

Session 5

American Chemistry Council Award Winners 1

1:45pm – 5:00pm
  • • Invited speakers from the American Chemistry Council Responsible Care Award Winners for 2017.

Session 6

Steam Plants & Equipment

1:45pm – 5:00pm
  • • “Steam System Optimization and Risk Mitigation Begins with Design!” James R. Risko, TLV Corporation.
  • • “Energy Cost Optimization in a Sugar Industry,” Ven V. Venkatesan, VGA Engineering Consultants, Inc.
  • • “Industrial Projects Energy Efficiency,” Mana M. Owaidh and Solomon Oji, Saudi Aramco.
  • • “Conserving Steam Through Steam Leak and Steam Trap Surveys and Insulation Surveys,” Darren Woodruff, Petro Chemical Energy.
  • • “Save Energy – Optimize Your Pipe/Tank Heating Systems,” D. J. Cipriano, Controls Southeast Inc..

Session 7

Developing Industrial Programs

1:45pm – 5:00pm
  • • “TX-PACE: Capitalizing on Operational Savings to Create Resilient Industrial Properties,” Charlene Heydinger, Texas PACE Authority.
  • • “Trade Allies: Check. Customers: Check. Market Influencers: Who?” Karen Germain, DNV GL Energy Services.
  • • “Midstream Programs – A Utility’s Best Tool to Engage Industrial Customers in Energy Efficiency,” Brady McNall, DNV GL Energy Services.
  • • “The Duck Curve: Can Rebate Programs Change Its Anatomy,” Ed Walsh and Namir Saman, DNV GL Energy Services.
  • • “Quantifying Rural Industrial Energy Consumption and Losses to Identify Small Town America’s Unique Opportunities for Local Economic Development.” Jill Ferguson and Ethan A. Rogers, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy.

Thursday, June 14 – Day Two of Conference

Session 8

American Chemistry Council Award Winners 2

8:30am – 12:00pm
  • • Invited speakers from the American Chemistry Council Responsible Care Award Winners for 2017.

Session 9

Compressed Air

8:30am – 12:00pm
  • • “Understanding the Needs of Your Compressed Air System,” Thomas Theising, Sustainable Solutions, LLC.
  • • “Balancing Supply and Demand: Finding Energy Efficiency in Compressed Air Systems,” Gerard Zolkowski, DNV GL Energy Services.
  • • “Understanding Controls for Multiple Centrifugal Air Compressor Systems,” Tim Dugan, Compression Engineering Corporation.
  • • “Sizing VFD Compressors for Multiple Air Compressor Systems,” Tim Dugan, Compression Engineering Corporation.
  • • Panel Discussion – Talk with the Presenters About Specifics of Your System.

Session 10

Data Analysis Methods

8:30am – 12:00pm
    • • “Big Data Stand Aside: Small Data Maximizes Profitability for Energy Performance,” David Arkell, 360 Energy.
    • • “Use of Automation to Quantify the Benefits of Energy Efficiency” Ethan A. Rogers, Eric Junga, and Jill Ferguson, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy.
    • • “Industrial Internet of Things,” Andrew Scheaffer, APTIM.
    • • “Benchmarking Energy Use with the Energy Star Energy Performance Indicator: Examples from Fertilizer and Steel Minimills,” Gale A. Boyd, Duke University.
    • • “Cost-Optimized Electric Demand Control, Zachary Siefker and Kelly Kissock, University of Dayton.

Session 11

Strategic Energy Management & ISO 50001

8:30am – 12:00pm
    • • “The DOE 50001 Ready Program: A Case Study in Progress,” Michael Stowe, Advanced Energy.
    • • “The Strategic Energy Management Continuum: Something for Everyone,” Mike Stowe, Advanced Energy.
    • • “BASF Corporation’s Transition to ISO 50001,” Jeanine Gordon, BASF.
    • • “Maximize Profitability with a Holistic Approach to Energy Performance,” David Arkell, 360 Energy.
    • • “Right-Sizing Strategic Energy Management: What is the Value to Your Utility and Your Customers,” Mohammad Shahini and Mary Ann Sheehan, DNV GL Energy Services.


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