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2017 Final Program Table

Tuesday, June 20 – Energy Managers Workshop

8:00am – 5:00pm Learn the strategies that all energy managers must know about NOW, and learn how successful managers have applied what they have learned. Managers, who are doing just that, will be the instructors. Confirmed topics and speakers are:
  • • Regulatory and Policy Developments that Affect Industrial Energy Managers, R. Neal Elliott, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
  • • Resource Productivity – It’s Only Natural, Sharon Nolen, Eastman Chemical Company.
  • • Energy Reliability in Industry, Thomas R. Theising, Sustainable Energy Solutions, LLC.
  • • DOE 50001 Ready, Pete Langlois, U.S. Department of Energy.
  • • The Energy Managers Essential Toolkit, Jimmy Kumana, Kumana & Associates.
  • • Presenting the Value of Energy Management to Operations and the Facility Financial Analyst, James Robinson, DES Global LLC.
  • • More than Just Energy Reduction: Tangible Benefits that Make Fan Efficiency Upgrade Decisions Easy to Make, Vern Martin, FLOWCARE Engineering Inc.

Wednesday, June 21 – Day One of Conference

Session 1

American Chemistry Council Award Winners 1

9:05am – 11:45am      
  • • “Chambers Works Site Energy Reduction Plan,” Meghan Randall, Chemours Inc.
  • • “Olin Energy Management System,” Lloyd Webb, Olin Corporation.
  • • “Operational Excellence Drives Continuous Energy Improvement at Alpha Olefins,” Danielle Johnson, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP.

Session 2

Tools for Energy Conservation

9:05am – 11:45am
  • • “Why Energy Should be a C-Suite Priority,” Jay Zoellner, EnerNoc
  • • “Tools for Accelerating Adoption of ISO 50001 in the US,” Peter Langlois, U.S. Department of Energy
  • • “Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs: How to Ensure the Value Proposition to Manufacturers,” Robert Lung, US Department of Energy
  • • “U. S. DOE’s Energy Treasure Hunt Exchange In-Plant Trainings – DOE Resources, Early Results and Lessons Learned.” Walt Brockway and Sachim Nimbalkar, Thomas Wenning, and Kiran Thirumaran, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Robert Bruce Lung, U.S. Department of Energy

Session 3

Energy Storage Options

9:05am – 11:45am
  • • “Hybridization of a Gas Turbine for Compressed Air Energy Storage,” Adefolaoluwami Odeniyi, Stephen Terry, and John Nickel, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, North Carolina State University
  • • “Stacking Energy Storage Revenue Streams – Integration is Key”, Suzanne Escudier, S&C Electric Company.
  • • “Multi-Hour Energy Storage: The Thermal Energy Storage Option,” John S. Andrepont, The Cool Solutions Company

Session 4

Water and Energy Issues

9:05am – 11:45am
  • • “Plant Water Profiler Tool for Industry,” Sachin Nimbalkar, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • • “Mitigation of Scaling and Fouling in Membrane Distillation Process for Industrial Water Treatment and Reuse,” Markusv Lesemann,Young Chul Choi, Zachary Hendren, RTI International, and Hervé Buisson,Veolia Water Technologies North America
  • • “A Proven Methodology for Studying Energy-Water Technology Efficiency: Findings from the Seawater Desalinization Bandwidth Study,” Prakash Rao, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Joe Cresko, Department of Energy, Sabine Brueske, Energetics, Arian Aghajanzadeh, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Caroline Dollinger, Energetics.
  • • “Steam Heating Reduction in the Secure Environmental Treatment Area”, Mark Richmond, Chemours, Inc.

Session 5

Compressed Air

  • • “Ten Most Productive Compressed Air System Questions” Thomas Theising, Sustainable Energy Solutions LLC
  • • “Compressed Air System Design and Custom Controls – Ideas to Improve Efficiency and Performance,” Mark Ames, John Henry Foster Company
  • • “Reducing Site Cost Through Ultrasonic Air Leak Surveys and Repairs,” James Nipper, Petro Chemical Energy
  • • “Development of a Compressed Air Flow Meter Installed at the Compressor Inlet,” Anthony Taylor, Glenn Cunningham,and Ehsan Languri, Tennessee Tech University

Session 6

Combined Heat & Power

  • • “Financing CHP Projects,” Anna Shipley and Anne Hampson, ICF International, and Claudia Tighe, US Department of Energy
  • • “Optimal Integration of Steam Turbines for Industrial CHP Applications,” Jimmy D. Kumana, Kumana and Associates
  • • “Capacity Utilization, Efficiency Trends and Economic Risks for Modern Combined Heat & Power Installations,” David Dismukes, Center for Energy Studies, Louisiana State University
  • • “The Value of Metered Data in CHP Design,” Jesse Remillard and Richard Doughty, Energy and Resource Solutions
  • • “The Advantages of Utility-Owned CHP at Industrial Facilities” Meegan Kelly, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, Ken Duvall and Levi Hoiriis, Sterling Energy Group.

Session 7

Improvements in Plant Utility Systems

  • • “Daily Management of Primary and Secondary Utilities at General Mills,” Leslie Marshall, General Mills
  • •“Demand Controlled Ventilation: Opportunities for Energy Reduction and the Pros and Cons of this Approach”, Vern Martin, FLOWCARE Engineering, Inc.
  • • “Energy Cost Optimization in a Sugar Industry”, Ven V. Venkatesan, VGA Engineering Consultants, Inc.
  • • “Energy Efficiency Retrofit Options in Process Evaporation,” Bryan W. Hackett, kW Engineering, Inc
  • • “Energy Management in the Oil and Gas Industry,” Mark Philpott, Chevron Power and Energy Management.

Session 8

American Chemistry Council Award Winners 2

  • • “Optimize Steam Efficiency through Utilization of New Cogeneration Capability”, David Slivensky, Eastman Chemical Company.
  • • “BASF Corporate Energy Management Process”, Ty Geiger, BASF Corporation.
  • • “Dryer Regeneration Procedure Improvements”, Tom Lessasrd, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company.

Thursday, June 22 – Day Two of Conference

Session 9

American Chemistry Council Award Winners 3

9:00am – 11:40am
  • • “Reduction of Water Load on TPA’s Steam Supplied Distillation Column,” Sharon Nolen, Eastman Chemical Company.
  • • “2016 Fire-tube Boiler Reduction in Fuel Gas Consumption,” Camellia Bowie, Olin Corporation.
  • • “LAO Energy Systems Automatic Process Control for Offgas Management and Power Market Advantage,” Heidi Holmes and The DOW Chemical Company.
  • •“Selkirk New York Line 16 Extruder Replacement,” Jon Moscovic, SABIC.

Session 10

Steam Plants & Equipment

9:00am – 11:40am
  • • “Steam Trap Management: Do Something, Anything, …Please,” James R. Risko, TLV Corporation
  • • “Thermodynamic Analysis of Steam Turbines for Industrial Applications,” Jimmy D. Kumana, Kumana and Associates
  • • “Improving Plant Efficiency Through Faster and More Stable Boiler Dynamics,” Ben Janvier and Marc Guerin, Enero Solutions
  • • “Tuning Up Your Facility’s Steam Trap Management,” Cameron Kinney, Jon Maxwell, and Nathan Throop, Energy and Resource Solutions

Session 11

Energy Impact Analysis

9:00am – 11:40am
  • • “Smart Manufacturing Technologies and Data Analytics for Improving Energy Efficiency in Industrial Energy Systems” Sachin Nimbalkar, Thomas Wenning, Daryl Cox, Wei Guo, and Kiran Thirumaran, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Joe Cresko, US Department of Energy
  • • “Manufacturing Energy Bandwidth Studies,” Sabine Brueske and Heather Liddell, Energetics Incorporated, Joe Cresko, U.S. Department of Energy, and Alberta Carpenter, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • • “Lean Manufacturing Principles and Their Impact on Process Energy Efficiency,” Mike Stowe, Advanced Energy
  • • “A Techno-Economic Assessment of Centralized Carbon Capture in US Petroleum, Refineries,” William R. Murrow III, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, John Marano, JM Energy Consulting Inc. and Yuan Yao, North Caroline State University

Session 11

Modeling and Software Simulation

9:00am – 11:40am
  • • “Development of the Extended Motor Product (XMP) Database: A New Tool for Energy Efficiency Programs and Equipment Manufacturers,” Ethan Rogers, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
  • • “Maximizing return on invested capital for the enterprise energy management program,” Kevin Quinn, Pactiv.
  • • “Cloud Based Energy Management Information System (EMIS) Seamlessly Integrating Energy Supply and Demand Improvements,” Oscar Santollani, Carlos Ruiz, and Tim Shire, KBC Advanced Technologies.
  • • “Next-Generation Utilities Optimization for Refineries and Large-scale Chemical Production Sites,” Penny Stanger, AlfredoRamos, and Gerardo Sanchis, Process Systems Enterprise Inc.

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